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Elizabeth Pole Elementary School Health Office

Contact Numbers   (508) 821-1359 
                                    (508) 821-1368 
Direct Nursing fax  (508) 821-1265
Our health office manages chronic health conditions, assesses and treats acute health issues, administers medications, identifies health-related barriers to learning, and provides early detection and correction of health problems. We are dedicated to addressing the medical and emotional needs of all our students in order to help keep them healthy in both body and mind.  This allows students to learn to their full potential in the classroom. 
Whenever possible, medications should be scheduled at times other than school hours. If a medication must be administered at school a parent consent form and a physician order must be completed every school year.
Return to School Policy
A note from your child’s doctor is required upon return to school if your child is absent from school for 5 or more consecutive school days due to an illness or injury.
Physical Exam Requirements
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires a copy of a Physical Exam upon entering school, usually in Kindergarten, 4th, 7th and 11th grades. Students in the 4th grade need to provide the school with an updated physical exam dated after March of 2021. You can contact your child's doctor and have them fax the physical exam to the school. If your child has not had an exam, please make an appointment with their health care provider.